BG Lift M250 Li-ion crawler spider mini crane. Equipped with 200 Ah-48 V lithium battery. Max load 2500 kg. Max Outreach 8.43 mt, with JIB 12.85 mt. Max hook height 10.40 mt, with JIB 15.90 mt. Rotation 360°. 65 mt winch, as option. Radio remote control included.

Jun 16, 2024

2500 kg / 5511 lbs
max load
15.8 mt / 51.8 ft
max hook height with JIB
2250 kg / 4960 lbs

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mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos
mini-crane bglift m250-lithium photos

worldwide delivery
not available

delivery time
90 days + shipping

payment terms
30% at order - 70% before shipping

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  • Remote control operation, very easy to use advanced funcions, more safety for operator
  • Easy transportation and high maneuverability
  • Because is easy to install and dismantle, the mini crane can easily be relocated from one job site to another location
  • Perfect for Glass Installation, not only delicately handle and lift glasses but used with vacuum lifter they help you install these glasses effectively
  • The crawler mini crane can be easily carried, and works, to any terrain
  • A compact mini crane can works indoor easily, reducing the need for hefty cranes, and can works only by electricity, without pollution
  • Advanced safety, computer-controlled stability and lifting activity
  • Mini crane can be equipped with various accessory, in order to facilitate the complex lifting tasks with absolute priority to the safety
  • Only BG Lift Mini cranes can be equipped with a basket for lifting people respecting the EU normative

how works MINI CRANE

The compact dimensions allow you to reach the most cramped places, where there are no maneuvering spaces for a traditional crane. Inside a civilian building, or during the maintenance of a complex industrial plant. Radio control allows operators to establish themselves in the best possible position to have a clear view of the work to be done. Onboard electronics allow to operate safely, even in the most difficult, and dangerous situations

Easy to stabilize

Easy to stabilize

The stabilisers, thanks to the numerous possible positions, controlled by the on-board computer, allow to work in narrow spaces, and to fully exploit the lifting capacity

Easy to carry

Easy to carry

The limited weight allows an easy and economical transport of the mini crane. Thanks to the tracks, it is easy to climb the ramps, and the safety rings, allow you to secure the machine


The radio remote control system of BG Lift Cranes offers the operator maximum maneuverability, The sticks are proportional, allowing the operator to measure the strength and speed of the movements. The radio remote control all machine functions, the crawler, stabilization, as well as the complete control of the boom, hydraulic JIB, and winch. The integrated display provides useful information on the status of the machine and on the load being lifted

  1. Winch mode activator
  2. Automatic stabilisation
  3. Automatic de-stabilisation
  4. ON/OFF radio remote
  5. Control screen
  6. Emergency stop button
  7. Speed Selector
  8. Engine rpm regulator
  9. Crawler lights on/off
  10. Start/Stop Engine
  11. Operating mode selector
  12. Turret rotation / Left track
  13. Main boom opening/closing
  14. Main boom extension in/out
  15. Display
  16. Jib opening/closing
  17. Jib extension in/out
  18. Winch handling lever / Right track

product reference MINI CRANE BGLIFT M250-LITHIUM

  • category: MINI CRANE
  • brand: BGLIFT
  • model: M250-LITHIUM
  • country of origin: ITALY
  • SKU code: BGLPRM251002
  • HS/HTS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule): (*)
  • NCM code: 8426.49 (90) (*)
  • availability: OnlineOnly
  • item condition: NewCondition

(*) HS/HTS/NCM codes may be incorrect, please request a verification before to place the order.

compliance to normative MINI-CRANE BGLIFT

BG Lift Cranes are fully compliant with all the relevant norms for cranes and are manufactured according to the indications provided by UNI EN ISO 9001.

All producta are in compliance with the EU Directives: 2006/42/EC (called Machinery Directive), 2014/30/EU (EMC), 2000/14/EC (acoustic emission), 2014/35/EU (low-voltage directive), EN 12100:2010, EN 13000:2010, EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009+ AC:2010, EN 4413:2010

e.u. guarantee

E.U. legislation provides a Free of charge, 2 years guarantee for private person, and 1 year for company (legal guarantee) on faulty goods, for all products we sell, this is important because it is a guarantee that the goods sold by us are covered by European protection. All goods we sell are invoiced by Silcom North UAB, a company registered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every product we send is checked before departure, but in case there are any problems, the customer is required to notify us as soon as possible, and must not use the product until our withdrawal. In case the customer needs a repair, we are always available to assist him, even after the warranty expires.

why choose us

Because for 50 years we have been dealing with industrial supplies, we have seen technology evolve and needs change. Because we are used to working with customers from all over the world, because we believe that after-sales service is as important as the technical preparation of our staff. We like to listen to requests, and propose the best solutions.


board computer

Board computer

board computer with electronic limiting device, automatic stabilization, auto diagnostic, wifi connection for remote diagnosis

double speed kit

Double speed kit

kit for high speed translation

lifting hooks for transport

Lifting hooks for transport

4 lifting hooks to move easly mini crane with other lifting equipment. (2 for m060)

radio remote

Radio remote

radio remote control scanreco can-bus with display, for crawler, chassis and crane function

continuous rotation

Continuous rotation

360° continuous rotation of the boom

extensible crawler

Extensible crawler

crawler can be extended for better stability during pick&carry activity

stability control

Stability control

electronic stability control

automatic stabilization

Automatic stabilization

stabilization fully controlled by remote control



outrigger with different stability position

stability system

Stability system

cpu controlled dynamic stability area calculation

parts and options MINI CRANE BGLIFT M250-LITHIUM

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