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Pianoplan celebrates 30 years

and is further expanding the range of its stair climbers

During the recent LOGIMAT fair, held in Stuttgart from 31 to 2 June 2022, CTE celebrated the 30th anniversary of its Pianoplan stair climber, which continues to be updated to keep up with the times, while maintaining unmatched reliability in its sector.

Only until a couple of years ago, the Pianoplan line included only 3 models, the Standard, the Horizontal, and the Vertical, but in 2020 a new version of the Vertical was developed, equipped with a frame that allows the installation of an important series of accessories, some already presented, others currently being tested, others still in the design phase. The first accessory available from 2021 were the Sliding Forks, which allow you to rotate the load once placed on the loading platform. It seems trivial, but in reality it provides a simple and reliable solution in all those contexts where you have to lift a bulky load, with a horizontal orientation. Just like a piano.

An additional new accessory was presented at LOGIMAT, Gas Cylinders Holder, which allows you to load 3 gas bottles with a diameter of 290mm and a maximum height of 1800mm, up to 450 kg of total maximum weight. This accessory was created based on the requests of some customers who operate in the sector of periodic checks of fire-fighting systems, which cyclically replace the cylinders loaded with extinguishing gas.

We at Silcom North UAB look forward to seeing the next accessory that will be presented, but we can say that we have already seen and tested the version equipped with a hydraulic crane, which is currently in the testing phase. We are sure that this too will be a commercial success.

In the end, a big thank you to the entire CTE team for the welcome they gave me to the stand, thanks especially to Caterina Tamai, Massimo Franceschi and Timothy Hunt.




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